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1366x768 is not allowed in the EDID block. Here's how to write your XOrg modeline.

Looks like there are many LCD panels/TVs out there with a native resolution of 1366x768. That is indeed a very close approximation to the expected 16:9 rectangle, except XOrg keeps showing you a resolution of 1360x768 (or 1368x768) instead of the native 1366x768. Why? Because 1366 is not divisible by 8 and that's not valid in an EDID block. Learn more on wikipedia.

You need a custom modeline in your xorg.conf file …

What every programmer should know about memory

This was a series of posts appeared on LWN, a while ago. A precious document from Ulrich Drepper which have been brought back recently to great attention to me from a post on HN. Thanks Ulrich, LWN and HN:

  • Part 1 (Introduction)
  • Part 2 (CPU caches)
  • Part 3 (Virtual memory)
  • Part 4 (NUMA systems)
  • Part 5 (What programmers can do - cache optimization)
  • Part 6 (What programmers can do - multi-threaded optimizations)
  • Part 7 (Memory performance tools …

Free is too expensive, says The Economist

The Economist on the Desktop Linux: Free is too expensive. An interesting reading.

To succeed on the desktop, Linux needs to penetrate the office. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a single Linux to go up against Windows 7. What there is instead is a fragmented field of hundreds of different Linuxes, each with its own learning curve, skill set and maintenance needs. Even the top five distributions (Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSuSE and …

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