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OpenStack summit in Tokyo and TripleO

OpenStack summit Tokyo anyone? I've been there and thought it was a very well organized event, in a nice location. Every minute together with peers seemed worth it to me. This said, let's talk about the actual sessions. I spent most of my time at the TripleO and Heat sessions, with a little detour on Magnum. Plus some booth crawling.


We had three sessions and a full day meetup. The first discussed the recent …

My takeaways from EuroPython 2013

Been there! The event was very well organized and even the food was good. The following are the talks I attended with some comments and my takeaways.

Despite the EuroPython 2013 lasting a full week, including the weekend with some code sprints, I could only join the event for three days, from Tuesday to Thursday. Still it was a great experience and a good chance to learn about new things while also meet people who …

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