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This isn't going to be a real presentation of the aeolus project but I'm currently QAing it and I'd like to to discuss some use cases as there seems to be a lot of confusion around the cloud term these days. Firstly, what is aeolus? It is a collection of tools, you have the full listing at

Basically it allows you to automate the build of your 'template' images …

What every programmer should know about memory

This was a series of posts appeared on LWN, a while ago. A precious document from Ulrich Drepper which have been brought back recently to great attention to me from a post on HN. Thanks Ulrich, LWN and HN:

  • Part 1 (Introduction)
  • Part 2 (CPU caches)
  • Part 3 (Virtual memory)
  • Part 4 (NUMA systems)
  • Part 5 (What programmers can do - cache optimization)
  • Part 6 (What programmers can do - multi-threaded optimizations)
  • Part 7 (Memory performance tools …

YUM history (!)

While browsing the YUM man page for some details about the query command I happened to find one of my most wanted feature in a package manager! YUM has some history command which allows for investigation of past transactions and even undo or rollback actions. Epic. I frequently find myself going through install/uninstall steps which not only mess around but I tend to forget about the installed and now unneeded deps.

I'll go through …

Jenkins on OpenShift

How about Jenkins on OpenShift? Let's give this a try. Keep in mind that by default you've got only 3 gears on OpenShift and we'll need to use all of them for this tutorial:

  • 1 will be used by the live app
  • 1 will be used by the jenkins deployment
  • 1 will be used by the jenkins builds

First, create your jenkins deployment:

$ rhc app create -a jenkins -t jenkins-1.4

Then create your app …

Napoli (Silicon Dust)

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