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1366x768 is not allowed in the EDID block. Here's how to write your XOrg modeline.

Looks like there are many LCD panels/TVs out there with a native resolution of 1366x768. That is indeed a very close approximation to the expected 16:9 rectangle, except XOrg keeps showing you a resolution of 1360x768 (or 1368x768) instead of the native 1366x768. Why? Because 1366 is not divisible by 8 and that's not valid in an EDID block. Learn more on wikipedia.

You need a custom modeline in your xorg.conf file …

Long Life to Red Hat

Sometimes a job is just a way to earn some money. Rarely it is also fun. Sometimes it is fun instead but not suiting very well your principles and culture.

But I'm a very lucky guy as I've got them all. And no it is not of Google that I'm talking about, this is better!. It's better because I've got many of the same benefits, including a thriving tech culture and a nice kitchen with …

UNIX Style, or cat -v Considered Harmful

After I got to know, I read Program Design in the UNIX Environment. A refreshing reading, despite its age.

cat isn't for printing files with line numbers, it isn't for compressing multiple blank lines, it's not for looking at non-printing ASCII characters, it's for concatenating files

Computer Science at Khan Academy

Introduction to programming and computer science from Khan Academy at

The best thing about it is that on Khan you get the tools to coach, not only the chance to learn. Empowers communities.

My attempts at MapReduce using MongoDB

I was sorting a tree in my (python) webapp instead of having the database to do it for me. This is how I moved it back to the database by using a MapReduce job. I had a collection structured like the following:

  "_id" : ...,
  "feed_oid" : "4fd268d2ab87b2d8927d7eee",
  "title" : "blah blah",
  "updated" : 1339702524,
  "watchers" : [ "4fd276fc66224c1ee8000006" ]

Such a collection is called articles and in there I get a document for every article published by an rss feed. feed_oid is …

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