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ToDoist TIPS

I was recently on the look out for some web (and portable) ToDo management application. I tried many, as many are free.

At some point I was even forced to re-define my own needs as I got confused. There are indeed at least two different kinds of tracking applications. Some are like iDoneThis, which is a sort of reporting tool. Some are more like Don't Forget The Milk, which seems more a pure ToDo managing …

OpenStack Cinder - Add more volume nodes

With this being the first of a short series, I'd like to publish some articles intendend to cover the required steps to configure Cinder (OpenStack block storage service) in a mid/large deployment scenario. The idea is to discuss at least three topics: how to scale the service by adding more volume nodes; how to ensure high-availablity for the API and Scheduler sub-services; leverage the multi-backend feature landed in Grizzly.

I'm starting with this post …

Getting to know and use Emacs better

I know there are plenty of Emacs related blogs discussing every single trick (including the easter eggs) so this won't be another. I don't have the skills for that either but I got to know Emacs better recently and decided to share my (hopefully nicely) commented init.el file.

Why? Because it took me some time to find in the Emacs docs what I wanted. A readable, well commented config file would have helped so …

Deploy OpenStack Heat on RHEL (and derivates)

UPDATE (June 2013): this post has been published on the RDO site and is now maintained there.

Heat provides orchestration of composite cloud applications using the CloudFormation API and templates; it is an incubated project of OpenStack. Its development cycle is to be Integrated in Havana and follow the full OpenStack release process. I want to go trough the steps needed to install and configure it as the official documentation is still scarce on the …

My responsive Svbtle inspired Pelican theme

I've just pushed on github my Svbtle inspired theme for Pelican. I've called it svbhack and it is the theme that this blog uses.

As you may notice, this is not (and does not want to be) a close copy of the original Svbtle theme; I've taken some ideas from its layout and mixed those with my preferences. Also the CSS is completely rewritten.

Notable features, it provides support for google analytics and for pre …

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